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Hey, where's the website! are you on an iPad? iPhone? maybe you hate flash, or you're on your work computer... <grin>


I know, Flash is dead, long live Flash... I have a love hate relationship with it myself. I've been developing in the Flash platform since Macromedia first introduced it. My work was never truly "Flashy", but subtle movements with lots of translucency and imagery that I created using client photos or my own work.


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Strength © Carolyn Frayn Thought © Carolyn Frayn Truth © Carolyn Frayn

  Keepers of My Heart Series, © Carolyn Frayn 2008


I thought I'd spend my recovery catching up with technology and honing some skills... oh, and learn much more about objective-C so I could be the next apple app millionaire developer. Instead I simply healed, and rested, and kept the house clean and dinner ready for my boys. My brain refused to co-operate... My body was toast from chemo and radiation.


It's 2011 now, time to move it... just finished a flash website that was started pre-iPad. I'm doing some alternative content for it so that iOS can view something of some taste. Next I'll be heavy into boning my coding skills for iOS. Designing may be on the agenda first, as a code ninja friend of mine may collaborate with me for some of the awesomeness we want to create! Then, it's time to get the Systirs work out... another long story.


Please find some links above to my newest work and to the wonderful events I've enjoyed the last few years. The work is not "new", but the latest prior to the great cancer adventure.


My Flash site is rather outdated, I'll be catching up on that this year as well!


Thanks for visiting!







I am honored to be part of the inspiration behind the colaboration between Marie-Andrée Ostiguy and the Canadian Cancer Society, for Marie's two performances in St. Albert and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this March, 2010. Cousin Donald MacLean and Marie-Andrée Ostiguy, my heartfelt thanks and love.

Press Release


My dear friend and cousin Nancy Lowe is a participant in the 2010 Alberta Walk to end Women's Cancers. Thank you so much for your love and support during my personal battle Nanci. Much of the treatment I recieve would not be possible without these amazing fund raising activities.

Nancy Lowe's Donation Page





November 20th to November 28th, 2009

Arthouse Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada



April 2nd, 2009 to April 30th, 2009

Keepers of My Heart

Gallery of Photographic Arts, Canada



December 4th, 2008 to January 28th, 2009

The Growth of Bowser & Perception of Consciousness

Gallery of Photographic Arts, Canada



November 14th to November 22nd, 2008

Arthouse Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


October 2nd to November 1st, 2008

Inhabitance Series, inimate portraits with encaustic

Gallery of Photographic Arts, Canada

14, 100 - 7th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


2008, New Collaboration

Carolyn Frayn, Claudia Lorenz & Barb Kelsall

Art 3 Studios,


December 2007

100 around 100 Christmas Show

Arthouse Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


November 2nd to the 17th, 2007

Select images from the Holga Walks series, Weed Garden series, and other images.

Arthouse Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada



The Great Panel Adventure



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